Festival of Choirs 2017 – Recap

“Blend, Lend and End” is what the choristers of the Royal College would always say or believe before every show or every practice as it has always motivated the young choristers to maintain a strong bond amongst themselves and to work as one by making sure that every performance is memorable.
In 1919 The Western Music Society of Royal College was established along with the Royal College Choir and ever since then the Society and the Royal College Choir have maintained a strong relationship by having to organize various choral events and taking part in number of competitions.

This particular event is unique as it gets! “Festival of Choirs” organized by the Western Music Society of Royal College is one of the first choral events that brings together choirs from various leading schools in Sri Lanka that presents an evening of amazing music. Throughout the years, Festival of Choirs has acquired a reputation for excellence, combining the very best of Sri Lankan talent, bringing together a blend of exceptional music and leaving the audience yearning for more. All this has been achieved whilst carving out a name for Royal College; one of talent, skill, prestige and competence. This event was never about “competition” as none of the choirs received any awards, certificates etc. It was all about “equality” all the choirs were treated the same. And that’s something that brings people together. It was very simple, all the schools that took part, had the freedom to perform any musical piece that suited their choir. Having not to worry being better than other choirs, each choir was able to arrange their songs happily and peacefully as it was one of the objectives of the Society as well by enabling the choirs to have a good time. Festival of Choirs Is scheduled usually on October or during late September.

Speaking of which, yet again another amazing Festival of Choirs took place this year on the 14th of September at the Bishops College auditorium as it was the 10th consecutive year. Some of best choirs from leading schools took part. Ladies’ College, St. Sebastian’s College, St. Joseph’s College, Trinity College, S. Thomas’ College, Asian International School, Elizabeth Moir School and finally Royal College were the schools that took part in this wonderful evening of quality music. There’s no other good feeling than having a full house on the day. And yes! All tickets were sold out and Festival of Choirs 2017 had a full house. With that being said, The Choirs did their magic on stage and stunned the audience with goose bumps performing their beautifully arranged items.

The Royal College Choir began the evening by singing the School Song along with a song named “When you believe”. Up next Ladies’ College did their two items “Man in the Mirror” and “Like a prayer”. Also Trinity College “Peter piper” , “Greatest love of all” and “For the longest time”. Elizabeth Moir School  “Joyful Joyful” and “Nella Fantasia/reach”. S. Thomas’ College performed a 4 chords medley along with “Blame it on the Bossa Nova”. The Royal College Choir did their second item “Baba Yetu”. St. Sebastian’s College “All of me”. And Asian International School “God’s gonna set this world on fire”, “Some nights” and “Climb Ev’ry Mountain”. As well as St. Joseph’s College performed with a Sinhala Medley along with “Betelehemil”. The Royal College Choir did their third item by doing an amazing Coldplay medley. And Finally the Combined Choir Performance.

The “Combined Choir” is where all the participated school choirs pinch in with some of their choristers and get together by doing an item which is another fun activity that comes along during the festival time. It’s amazing to see how the choristers in the Combined choir come up with their own thoughts and ideas to arrange an item. Each year the combined choir does an extremely unique item which again wins the crowd.

Talking about the Royal College Choir, it was never easy doing three items and a medley but the Royal Choir throughout the years of festival managed to do wonders on stage. One of the most important reasons as to why “Festival of Choirs” is amazing as it is, is because of this one person who’s behind it all, “Sureka Amarasinghe” for her endless support and guidance that made the Royal College Choir what it is today.