The Royal College Magazine

Prestige and pride arise from a strong past, the precise record of past events make history; and that’s what the Annual Royal Magazine about, preserving and enhancing the prestige and pride of Royal College through the publication of the precise record of History of each year.

The Magazine holds record of the information such as Prefects List, stewards list, tutorial staff list, Non-academic staff list, academic achievements including G.C.E Ordinary and Advanced Level, Sports Achievements, Efforts of the Clubs & Societies etc.

It is true that every single minute of the year is history, but these included information are vital. It is these records, which set data for analytical process and the evaluation of the year as a whole.

The Magazine is crafted to be precise and concise by a selected number of Teachers, Prefects and Stewards. It is the timely efforts of the editorial board and the cooperation of the college administration along with the financial support of the School Development Society (SDS) which portrays the standard and class witnessed by the publication.

Copies of the Magazine are distributed to privileged individuals of College which may differ from year to year. The magazine is also distributed to the College library for reference, meanwhile distributed to some schools in order to maintain a strong relationship and mutual friendship with them